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WHAT'S OFFERED: car servicing and repairs

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Written by gaooo
2058 days ago
Their mechanics are not straightforward and every time I went there, I had to go back because the job was not properly done.

Written by Puff
2010 days ago
Staff lacks necessary education to get the job done properly.

I had an issue with a battery I bought from them for $1930, the battery lasted 1 year and 2 weeks (just past the warranty period)

They couldn't even detect that there was a bad cell and tried to blame it on fault electronics in the van.

I took it by someone else who identified there was a bad cell(in 20 seconds), which I then told the guy at Laughlin who confirmed that was the case (took them 3 hours).

I asked for a discount on the new battery as this one was clearly defective, and they offered me a staff rate which was $2,400! $400 more than I paid for the original battery. shameful.. Needless to say I left them with their battery, and will not be spending any money there again.

Even when they do something for free, I feel like I was robbed.

Written by critic
2005 days ago
For years I carried my car there but stopped. I started to get into cars some more and the more I learnt, the more I realised how many excuses they could give in the name of "customer service". Once I changed some shocks and I knew there were in good condition but I wanted something better. When I asked for my old shocks, they couldn't "find" them...and after insisting, the guy pulled them out of a back room (one of the mechanics were certainly taking them home). No problem if they take parts I don't want but if I ask for my parts back, don't lie to me. And their specialists in makes and models...not so sure they are so specialised...had to carry my car back three times over three weeks for an oil leak that they claimed was the oil seals!

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